With Mother’s Day coming, the internet makes infertility harder—and easier

“Mother’s Day is coming up. For a lot of people, it’s an opportunity to post adorable family photos on social media and celebrate a day dedicated to moms. For millions of women, it’s a painful reminder of what they don’t have.”

That’s the beginning of a recent story in the LA Times, about social media and infertility. “Social media and the internet can make an infertility diagnosis better and worse,” the article says. “When you’re struggling to start a family, it can feel like your newsfeed is an onslaught of aggressive pregnancy announcements, newborn photo shoots, major childhood milestones and kids’ birthday parties. Opening up Facebook or Instagram can feel like a relentless celebration of everyone else’s fertility. But at the same time, people experiencing infertility have access to a wealth of support groups and information online that weren’t available a generation ago.”

It’s an interesting take on modern media and infertility, and you can read the entire article on the LA Times web site.

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