Why seek infertility counseling?

Infertility, like many other medical conditions, affects all aspects of your life. It can create one of the most stressful life crises that an individual or couple has ever experienced and can affect your relationship with others, your perspective on life and how you feel about yourself.

Feelings of grief, loss, guilt, shame, disappointment, anxiety, depression, isolation and dealing with the multitude of medical decisions and the uncertainties that infertility brings can create great emotional turmoil for most people. Research shows that depression among women with infertility is similar to those with cancer or heart disease. Men also get depressed, and it is important for many individuals and couples to seek counseling as a means to navigate and negotiate the many thoughts and feelings that arise when experiencing infertility and its treatments.

There are many different reasons for seeking infertility counseling, including for help coping with the stress, anxiety, grief or depression; communicating with your partner/spouse; and choosing the right medical treatment.

We have more information about infertility counseling on our web site, and as always you can call us for a free phone consultation to learn more.

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