What are Assisted Reproductive Technologies?

Assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) are used when an infertile couple cannot be treated using simpler methods or when all other methods have failed. These procedures have excellent success rates but require a significant amount of time, effort, and, in some cases, money.

Our team at RSCNJ helps to minimize these added pressures by explaining each process fully and answering all of your questions so that you understand exactly what is required of you for these types of therapies to be successful.

Over the past decade, our knowledge and technological advances have increased the number of procedures designed to assist infertile couples in achieving pregnancy. The original and most often used infertility therapy is in vitro fertilization (IVF), which, along with other techniques, has substantially increased the likelihood of couples having babies.

The Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey offers all of the assisted reproductive technologies available worldwide. Learn more about them at our web site.

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