‘Wear Orange’ for NIAW on April 27

Since 1989, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association has been rocking orange to help promote infertility awareness. Join the orange movement on Wednesday, April 27 and rock your ORANGE gear to show you support of National Infertility Awareness Week.

The #WearOrange Campaign was created to help raise awareness about the importance of empowering you in your journey and changing the conversation around infertility. Whether it’s you or someone you know who struggles to build a family, #WearOrange!

Why orange? The color orange promotes a sense of wellness, emotional energy to be shared: compassion, passion, and warmth. Helps to recover from disappointments, a wounded heart, or a blow to one’s pride. Studies show that orange can create a heightened sense of activity, increased socialization, boost in aspiration, contentment, assurance, confidence and understanding.

RESOLVE uses orange to raise awareness, increase activity around an important movement, and remind our community every day that RESOLVE is there for them during the disappointments while educating and promoting physical and emotional wellness.

Learn how you can get involved at the #WearOrange web site.

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