“This is where our miracle took place”

A happy patient shares some exciting news:

“We were released from Dr. Ziegler’s care about 4 weeks ago because WE ARE PREGNANT!!! I miss seeing him and the staff on our weekly visits. I’ve never had a doctor with such amazing bedside manner. When my husband went on our initial consult, we left there knowing this was the practice we wanted to go with. Why? Because at the end of our visit, Dr. Ziegler didn’t hold out his hand to shake hands good-bye, he held out his arms and gave me the most supportive hug. I left there feeling like he genuinely cared about us. His demeanor never changed from our first visit till our last, he shows you that he cares. You are not just another number to him, you are someone important. We will always look back at this time in our lives and be filled with the most loving memories. This is where our miracle took place. Thank you to Dr. Ziegler and the staff for always smiling, offering a hug of support and encouraging us along the way.”

We couldn’t be more excited to share in this patient’s joy. You can read more reviews like these at our web site.

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