‘This center has exceeded every expectation’

A new patient of ours recently posted this five-exclamation-point review:

“This center has exceeded every expectation we ever had and we haven’t even completed our process yet. We are just beginning. The financial burden that’s placed on such a great thing like child birth for those that cannot do it naturally can be stressful and unsettling. Dr. Mensah and the nursing staff are knowledgeable and caring to our every need and really take the time to explain everything. But it doesn’t end there, their finance department is top notch. Courtney and Krista are amazing at what they do, they’ve kept us so at ease with this whole Process and made us feel so comfortable and assured that they have our back throughout this process. We cannot wait to work with them further, as they’ve already made us feel so confident in our decision. Courtney and Krista are 100% there every time we have a question, doesn’t matter when or why we call, they are there to answer. I can’t wait for our journey to begin and for us to start our family, but we wouldn’t be able to do it without the doctors and Krista and Courtney!!!!!”

Thanks for this enthusiastic review. You can read more like it at our web site.

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