The experience was ‘absolutely amazing’

Julie, a patient of ours, writes:

“I went through complete chaos, confusion and heartbreak with my first pregnancy. After multiple bad ultrasounds, and being tossed around by my primary obgyn, receiving different opinions with no real answers, I felt lost and alone. Finally my primary obgyn doctor referred me to Dr. Ziegler. From the very first appointment, I felt reassured, comforted and understood. I was provided with a diagnosis and treatment plan immediately. The whole experience was absolutely amazing, down to the office staff and Dr. Z always calling me directly to explain things to me and reassure me that what I was going through was common and there was a solution. I highly recommend this practice—I hated having to leave them once my concern was resolved.”

Thanks Julie, and thank you to all our patients who have posted reviews of our care and services, which you can read on our web site.

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