RSCNJ staff are “angels on Earth”

This patient has some wonderful things to say about her treatment:

“The Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey took what was the most painful time in my life and brought me hope. Dr. Mensah was a complete joy, from the moment we first said hello until our bittersweet goodbye. Her optimism brought light in darkness and helped keep our spirits high, I wouldn’t change my experience with her for the world. Dr. Martinez made me confident when I questioned my ability to become pregnant and made me laugh through my entire seven-week scan. The entire staff were kind and warm, every single person I spoke with on the phone and had the honor to meet made me feel at home. Every single person working for this practice are truly angles on Earth. My husband and I are eternally grateful for our time at The Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey.”

We thank her for taking the time to share her feelings. You can read more reviews of our care and services on our web site.

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