RESOLVE urges you to take action

Barbara Collura, President/CEO of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, asks everyone to fight for greater infertility care coverage in New Jersey. She writes:

New Jersey has an unprecedented opportunity to help cancer patients and others whose medical treatment may cause infertility.

Senate Bill 2133 and House Bill 3150 would require insurers to cover fertility preservation for patients facing chemotherapy or other medically necessary treatment that may render them infertile.

Please urge your State Leadership to support access to fertility preservation for cancer patients. New Jersey already provides coverage for infertility treatment for those diagnosed with infertility and needs to close the gap in insurance coverage for those at risk of medically-induced infertility.

It takes just minutes to send this letter so that residents of New Jersey do not have to choose between effective medical treatment and a future chance at parenthood.

Thank you for taking action!

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