Problems conceiving, part 3: Medical conditions

Getting pregnant may seem simple, but the act of conceiving a child can often be very difficult.

The primary causes of failure to achieve pregnancy fall into three categories. Last week, we talked about the first one, lifestyle factors. In this post, we will address medical conditions that cause problems conceiving.

Males and females have different medical issues and conditions, some present at birth, that can cause trouble getting pregnant. One medical condition may also lead to another illness or disorder that inhibits infertility. You can click on the highlighted conditions for more information on our web site.

Male medical issues include:

  • Sperm problems are the primary medical cause of male infertility
  • Infections, tumors, medications, surgeries
  • Hormonal problems
  • Erectile dysfunction and ejaculation issues
  • Structural problems, including undescended testicles and varicocele

Female medical issues include:

  • Ovulation disorders: these are the most common medical cause of infertility in women
  • Structural defects:

– Fallopian tube issues (hydrosalpinx)

Uterine fibroids

Ovarian cysts

– Anatomical uterine abnormalities

  • Diseases and conditions that can result in some of the causes above:


Polycystic ovary syndrome

– Factors that make a woman prone to miscarriage

For more about the factors that interfere with conceiving, visit our web site.

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