Pride Month focus: Reciprocal IVF for lesbian couples

Reciprocal IVF for lesbian couples allows both women to participate in the pregnancy. One woman supplies her eggs, retrieved and fertilized by donated sperm in IVF, with the resulting embryo(s) implanted into her partner for pregnancy as a gestational carrier. This presents an opportunity for the couple to choose which partner donates the eggs and is the biological mother, and which carries the pregnancy.

The risks of reciprocal IVF are the same as for regular IVF, though it involves medical procedures for both females as opposed to one woman as in regular IVF.

The biggest benefit of reciprocal IVF for lesbian couples is to enrich their experience building a family. It gives each woman the opportunity to contribute to the conception and birth of the couple’s child. Lesbian couples have undergone dual reciprocal IVF at the same time, so each woman carried her partner’s child simultaneously. Other couples have undergone the entire process once and then reversed roles to have a second child.

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