Overturning Roe could impact IVF treatments, fertility experts warn

“News that the Supreme Court is on the cusp of overturning Roe v. Wade is sounding alarms for an unexpected part of the population: people looking to get pregnant and the doctors who are helping them,” according to an article on CNN.

With the conservative justices preparing to give states the full power to determine abortion policies within their borders, these experts say that could “open up the legal terrain for states to interfere with the fertility process known as in vitro fertilization, in which a sperm fertilizes an egg outside the body.”

CNN spoke to doctors in the fertility field and academics who study the legal landscape around it. They say there is “grave uncertainty – both about how abortion laws already on the books will be interpreted and about how lawmakers and local prosecutors may seek to push the envelope, freed from the precedents that have effectively shielded the fertility process from government meddling. That lack of clarity, it is feared, will affect the treatments doctors are willing to offer IVF patients and the decisions people will have to make about how to pursue growing their families.”

You can read the entire article at CNN.com.

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