One in three American adults has used fertility treatments or know someone who has, survey finds

Last week we told you that, since the birth of Louise Brown, the first “test-tube baby,” 40 years ago, more than 8 million babies have been born using IVF or other advanced fertility treatments.

A new study, from the Pew Research Center, reveals that one of every three American adults—33%—reports that they or someone they know has used some type of fertility treatment in order to try to have a baby.

However, that number varies a lot depending on one’s education and income. Among those with a bachelor’s degree, 43% have had their own experience or know someone who did. The percentage rises to 56% for those with a postgraduate degree. And nearly half (48%) of people with family incomes of $75,000 or more have knowledge of fertility treatment.

The survey also breaks the data down by race, gender and other variables. To read more about this survey, go to

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