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In 2006, some folks at Riverview Medical Center noticed that the number of women having annual mammograms was shockingly low. So a team of volunteers set out to raise awareness about the importance of early detection, annual screenings, prevention and treatment. The team adopted the mantra: “Early detection is a woman’s best defense against breast cancer.” To spread the word, they vowed to “paint the town pink.”

Paint the Town Pink is a communitywide effort presented by Hackensack Meridian Health. Since it began, 58 towns in three different counties within New Jersey have been “pinkified” each May. The annual event merged a breast cancer prevention, detection, and treatment campaign with a fundraising component that raised funds to provide free screening mammography through the Pink Fund for uninsured and underserved women in the community.

Now, the event organizers are asking women to take it a step further and care for their overall well-being. This year, when scheduling a mammogram, include an annual wellness visit and an annual gynecological visit and also commit to one positive change – whether that change be to walk more to improve heart health or be more mindful of the relationship one may have with food and being more aware of the foods one puts in their body.

For the entire month of May, as women visit Pink Partners, they are able to pledge to have their annual mammogram and commit to a positive change in their lives. Click here to learn more about Paint the Town Pink.

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