How much do you really know about fertility?

According to a new survey which aims to shed light on local residents’ understanding and knowledge of their fertility health, approximately 71% of New England adults admit to feeling “uninformed,” “clueless” or only “somewhat knowledgeable” about their fertility health.

The inaugural State of Fertility survey of 1,000 residents in New England, ages 25-44, also revealed that a majority (88%) of New Englanders mistakenly believe stress has a negative effect on fertility and 57% of respondents are under the impression that taking birth control pills can cause infertility.

If this is true in New England, it is likely also true in New Jersey. And because knowledge is power, we have a wealth of factual, science-based information on our website. Where to begin? Try here. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call one of our offices. We are happy to educate everyone about fertility.

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