Fertility organization encourages women of color

When Stacey Edwards-Dunn, of Jacksonville, Florida, struggled with her own infertility, she decided to help break through the topic that many Black women consider taboo. ”I started Fertility for Colored Girls, because I struggled with infertility,” Edwards-Dunn told a Jacksonville news station.

Fertility “was not an issue or concern spoken about in the African American community. Because the myth is that Black women, and couples in particular, do not struggle with infertility. That we’re hyper fertile,” she said.

Edwards-Dunn decided to create an organization called Fertility for Colored Girls. “The purpose of our organization is to raise awareness, provide education, increase access and encourage women of color to access fertility care,” she said.

According to its web site, the goal of the organization are:

  • To provide holistic fertility and reproductive health education that informs about causes of infertility, encourages healing and meets the needs of the mind, body and spirit of African American women.
  • To empower African American women to achieve their dreams of becoming parents and deal with the challenges of infertility by providing holistic education, emotional support and financial assistance for infertility treatments such as IVF, donor eggs or surrogacy and domestic adoption.
  • To increase public awareness of the challenges of infertility and reproductive health care disparities specific to African American Women and other women of color via advocacy, partnerships and education.
  • To help those experiencing infertility gain a sense of hope, peace and strength via prayer, ritual and support.
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