Did you know African American women are more likely to experience infertility?

Black History Month, each February, raises awareness of issues important to African Americans. One of those issues you may not know about is infertility.

A 2019 study in Conception and Reproductive Medicine reports that African American (AA) women are disproportionately affected by infertility in terms of prevalence, utilization of treatment and access to care. Even after adjusting for socioeconomic status, risk factors and pregnancy intent, a US population-based study showed that AA women ages 33–44 years are still two times more likely to experience infertility in comparison to Caucasian American (CA) women. And statistical trends have shown that infertility rates were increasing among AA women while simultaneously decreasing among CA women.

This racial disparity persists when it comes to pursuit of infertility care and success rates of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). “It is well documented in the literature that AA women usually have a longer duration of infertility before seeking care and they also pursue medical care for infertility significantly less often than CA women,” the study says.

Why not use Black History Month as a prompt to take care of your fertility health? If you are struggling with getting pregnant, give us a call. Our first phone consultation is free.

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