Couple is ‘forever thankful’ for RSCNJ care

“My husband and I first came to Dr. Martinez’s office in 2017,” a patient of ours writes. “Over the next two years, we would get to know him and his office staff very well. Our appointments were always thorough, never rushed, and everyone at the office was gentle with us during our time there. The office was always attentive and supportive, and never let us lose hope. Dr. Martinez even called me from home on a Saturday afternoon when I got sick during IVF, and Krista at the front desk was always waiting for me with a smile and a hug. Kim, Marianela, and Domenica always made me feel so welcome and comfortable.

“After much consideration, Dr. Martinez finally convinced me to have fibroid surgery, and a few months later we were absolutely thrilled and shocked to find out that we were pregnant naturally. It is so important to find an office that is sensitive and compassionate during this time, and I could not imagine anywhere else meeting the standards of the RSC office. I would recommend them to anybody, and I can truly say that I miss the staff there and wish I could stay there for the rest of my pregnancy! We will forever be thankful for Dr. Martinez’s office and the staff will always be an important part of our family.”

We are also thankful for her kind words. You can find more reviews like this one on our web site.

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