Coping with holiday stress and fertility

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, understands that “Holidays can be stressful, even in the best of circumstances. Expectations are at a peak. Pressure comes, both from the outside and within, to break out of the normal routine – to celebrate, and to enjoy! But for the person experiencing infertility, holidays can add additional emotional stress to an already complicated situation.”

With Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season approaching, it’s important for those struggling with infertility to know they are not alone in dealing with this stress. “You certainly can’t make the pain of infertility disappear miraculously. But by planning in advance and acknowledging that holidays may be uncomfortable; you can prepare yourself and improve your chances of getting through them,” RESOLVE says.

You can find their Tips for Handling Holiday Stress here. And for information on counseling services available to you, visit our web site or call us for advice.

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