Chances of having a second IVF baby after fertility treatment for the first child ‘favorable,’ says new report

Women have a good chance of having a second child with the help of fertility treatment after their first was child born this way, research out of Australia has shown.

Specifically, the study found that after a live birth using IVF, also known as assisted reproductive technology (ART), a woman’s chances of a second ART baby were between 51% and 88% after six cycles of treatment.

The study analyzed data from over 35,000 women and was published in the journal Human Reproduction. It’s the first published report that explored the chances of achieving a second IVF baby after a first IVF child. While the study presents population estimates and every couple is different, the researchers hope the new evidence can be used to counsel patients.

Dr. Christos Venetis, fertility clinician, Director of Clinical Research at IVFAustralia and a clinical academic from the research team, says, “As the restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic on the provision of non-urgent ART services are gradually being lifted in many countries, … many people are considering expanding their family through ART. This study can provide reassurance that – in most cases – the chance of them having a second baby through ART is quite favorable.”

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