AMA: COVID-19 vaccines don’t affect fertility

The evidence shows that COVID-19 vaccines are highly safe and effective at reducing the risk of severe disease, hospitalizations and death, according to an American Medical Association-produced column that dispels misinformation and has been posted by news outlets around the country.

“With high levels of community spread of COVID-19, we’re once again fighting a two-front war: against the virus and against rampant misinformation,” said AMA President Gerald E. Harmon, MD, in the column, “COVID-19 Vaccine Myths Busted,” that appeared in several media outlets.

The column debunks six pervasive anti-vaccine myths that have been widely circulated and have contributed to hesitancy that has left over 30% of eligible Americans unvaccinated. Among the myths busted are inaccurate statements on the vaccines’ impact on fertility and pregnancy.

“Risks to fertility or the ability to become pregnant after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine were disproven through clinical trials and real-world data points,” says the AMA column. “Moreover, COVID-19 itself carries significant risks for pregnant women, including higher risks of preterm labor and stillbirth, and higher risks of hypertension and pneumonia for pregnant women.”

You can read more at the AMA web site.

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