Patients find us “amazing” and “awesome”

“The absolute best educated and bedside manner. Amazing compassion.”

“Awesome info and details.”

Thanks for these amazing and awesome reviews. Please see more like them on our web site.

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Young people underestimate age limits on fertility, study discovers

Most students underestimate the impact of female and male age on fertility, new research published in Human Fertility finds. Less than half could correctly identify the age when a woman’s fertility declines and even fewer knew when male fertility declines.

A team of researchers, led by Dr. Eugénie Prior of the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority in Melbourne, surveyed 1,215 students, via an anonymous online questionnaire, about their intentions and expectations for parenthood, and knowledge of fertility. It found that 38% of men and 45% of women correctly identified 35-39 years as the age at which female fertility declines significantly. However, only 18.3% of men and 16.9% of women correctly identified 45-49 years as the age when male fertility declines.

“Our study shows that university students overwhelming want to be parents one day. However, most also have an unrealistic expectation of what they will achieve prior to conception, whether that be in their career or financially,” Dr. Prior said. “We need to educate young people about the limits of fertility and support them to become parents at a point that is ideal biologically, while balanced against the life goals they want to achieve.”

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Two cheers for Dr. Martinez

“Dr. Martinez is simply one of the best doctor I ever had. The personalized service received by the office is excellent. You are able to do all the blood work early mornings, quick call backs by the Dr. Martinez and they involve your spouse in the process. We got pregnant after 2 months of treatment and we were able to monitor the pregnancy since week 4 and 5 with blood work and ultrasounds during week 6, 7 and 8. Great experience!”

“Great experience. Dr. Martinez was very informative and great.”

All of our providers have received nice reviews like these. Please see them on our web site.

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Women’s emotional state not strongly connected to IVF success, study finds

Infertility treatments, such as in-vitro fertilization, are stressful experiences for women that can take large emotional tolls. At a time when extra support is needed, infertile women often report that family and friends urge them to “just relax” so they can conceive, causing women to feel as if their mental state is to blame for treatment failures.

But a new study reveals evidence that women’s emotional state does not have a strong connection with the success of infertility treatment. Co-authored by Marci Lobel, Professor of Psychology, and Jennifer Nicoloro SantaBarbara, colleagues at Stony Brook University, the study results are published in Social Science and Medicine.

The researchers analyzed more than 20 published studies involving more than 4,000 women to investigate whether women’s emotional distress impedes the success of infertility treatments. The results of the analysis indicated that women’s distress, including anxiety and depressive symptoms, is not associated with poor treatment outcomes. These findings held true for women regardless of their age, how long they were infertile and whether or not they had been treated for infertility previously.

“Our results offer hope and optimism to the many women who feel emotionally responsible or blame themselves for poor outcomes of infertility treatment,” summarized Lobel.

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Unparalleled service

“The services provided at the Reproductive Science Center are unparalleled. When faced with the challenging and emotional journey of conceiving, you are met with a knowledgeable, credible, patient, and compassionate staff. Not only is the science of excellence, but patients are given a holistic approach that is nurturing and comforting. Even when you don’t realize you need it. Thank you.”

No, thank you for the kind post. Read more like this one at our web site.

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RESOLVE is looking for volunteers

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, is looking for volunteers who, as they say on their web site, “simply want to make the lives better for people who are facing the same struggle with infertility.”

Volunteers get active and spend time supporting the infertility community through support groups, educational programs, advocacy and fundraising. “No matter what your tie to infertility may be, you have the power to give back to others who need to know from someone like them, that they are not alone,” they say.

The organization gives volunteers the training and the support they need to make the greatest impact. “There is an endless need for volunteers to help us in our mission. Whatever your interest may be, we’ll match it to ours,” they promise.

To learn how you can help, visit the RESOLVE web site.

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Two “grateful” reviews

Two of our patient recently posted these nice reviews of our services.

“So grateful for the support and care from RSCNJ.”

“Wonderful staff and great experience here. We are so grateful!”

And we are grateful to the patients who take the time to share their stories. Read more of them here.

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Australia leading the way in PCOS care

Australia-led global guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of the primary cause of infertility in women were published simultaneously in three international journals recently, supported by a suite of health professional and patient resources to improve health outcomes for women with polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS.

Monash University professor Helena Teede led an international team of more than 3,500 consumers and health professional from 71 countries that identified major gaps for those with this condition, including delays of up to two years in diagnosis and a lack of adequate information for women with PCOS.

According to Professor Teede, PCOS is a multi-faceted condition, “with reproductive, metabolic and psychological features which often means diagnosis is delayed, treatment is often not holistic and opportunities for prevention, treatment and improved health outcomes including in infertility and pregnancy health are missed.”

To increase the health literacy of women affected by PCOS, Monash University has created a PCOS app which provides information in English, and is being translated into Mandarin, Hindi, Vietnamese and Spanish. This and other consumer and health professional resources are available for free at Monash University’s web site.

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39 podcasts—and counting!

We recently posted our 39th podcast on the many topics and issues that relate to fertility care and treatment. From our first, “Endometriosis: Symptoms and Treatments,” to the recently posted “Mosaicism, Fertility and Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS),” these recordings allow our doctors and other providers to talk directly to you about the important issues you care about.

If you haven’t listened to them all yet, you can find them on our web site. Happy listening!

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New podcast discusses “Mosaicism, Fertility and Preimplantation Genetic Screening”

In recent years, preimplantation genetic screening has shown improved outcomes for couples with infertility who are going through IVF. Mosaicism—embryos that can be predicted to be a mix of normal and abnormal cells—have changed the landscape of screening and what questions might arise as a result of that screening.

In our latest podcast, Dr. William Ziegler discusses mosaicism and how it might affect fertility options and treatment for couples trying to conceive. You can listen to the podcast on our website.

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