‘We felt taken care of from day 1’

A patient of ours had this to say about her care at RSCNJ:

“Thank goodness for the Reproductive Science Center and Dr. Ziegler. We were referred by my OBGYN. We had felt a bit lost leading up to our first meeting with Dr. Ziegler, but he quickly calmed our nerves and told us that he would streamline the process and help us get to the bottom of our issues. He did exactly that, all the while keeping us calm and not only answering all of our questions, but explaining in detail everything we were going through. We learned a lot from him. We also saw Dr. Mensah and she was equally as wonderful. We felt taken care of from Day 1 and they were able to help us tremendously. Both my husband and I wished we could stay with Dr. Ziegler for the entirety of our pregnancy. He is just the best. We highly recommend!!”

You can read more reviews like this at our web site.

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Want a second opinion? We will give you one—for free!

The journey through infertility treatment can be stressful. Unsure you’re on the right track? We offer a free second opinion. These free consultations are given over the phone.

You can contact us by filling out the form on this page and we will get in touch with you quickly. Or if you want to schedule an in-office appointment, please visit our Appointment Request page.

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Handling the Holidays

Thanksgiving is here, and that officially kicks off the holiday season. “Holidays can be stressful, even in the best of circumstances,” RESOLVE: The National Infertility Network, notes. “Expectations are at a peak. Pressure comes, both from the outside and within, to break out of the normal routine – to celebrate, and to enjoy! But for the person experiencing infertility, holidays can add additional emotional stress to an already complicated situation.”

RESOLVE says that, while you can’t make the pain of infertility disappear, by planning in advance and acknowledging that holidays may be uncomfortable, you can prepare yourself and improve your chances of getting through them.

Here are RESOLVE’s tips for handling the holidays. If you have other suggestions, please share them in the comments below.

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‘They held our hand all the way through’

A patient of ours recently wrote:

“The entire practice handled our case with the top of the line professionalism, they held our hand and made us feel comfortable all the way through. Dr. Martinez went as far as writing numerous letters to the VA clinics and health insurance to help us with trying to get coverage. The nurses were just as professional and friendly as Dr. Martinez. They took their time and were sensitive towards our feelings and what we were about to go through.”

We thank her, and everyone who takes time to share their experience at RSCNJ, on our web site.

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Philly Magazine: ‘Why Don’t We Talk About Male Infertility More?’

“Infertility is not just women’s burden to bear. In fact, men are experiencing significant drops in fertility that may be contributing to the conception conundrum,” says a recent article in Philadelphia Magazine.

It’s an interesting article. You can read it here.

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Researchers find a potential new way to diagnose and treat male infertility

It can take a year or longer of trial and error for a doctor to determine if a man is infertile. But new research by Michael Skinner, a Washington State University reproductive biologist, could change that.

Skinner and an international team of collaborators discovered infertile men have identifiable patterns of epigenetic molecules or biomarkers attached to their sperm DNA that aren’t present in fertile men.

The scientists also identified epigenetic biomarkers among infertile patients who responded to hormone therapy to treat their condition versus those who did not.

Their research could eventually provide doctors with a reliable method of screening men for infertility and figuring out which treatment options will work best for their patients. This could in turn save couples, where the man is incapable of having children naturally, the extended period of time it usually takes before a doctor will recommend they see a specialist for medically assisted reproduction.

Skinner and his collaborators published a study on their new diagnostic approach in Nature: Scientific Reports. “Male infertility is increasing worldwide and is recognized as playing a key role in reproductive health and disease,” Skinner said. “Having a diagnostic that tells you right away your male patient is infertile and here are the treatment options that will work for him would be immensely useful.”

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Dr. Martinez is ‘simply the best!’

A patient of ours talks about her experience with Dr. Alan Martinez:

“From the first visit on, we felt comfortable with him and felt like he truly cared about our wellbeing and the outcome. He was understanding, patient, compassionate and kind through my entire cycle with him. Today was my last visit with him and I’ve had mixed emotions because I wish he and the nurses could see this pregnancy all the way through. I’ve never felt more comfortable with a doctor than I have with Dr. Martinez. I would recommend Dr. Martinez to anyone that is going through this experience. He is simply the best!”

We thank her, and everyone who takes time to share their experience at RSCNJ, on our web site.

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Recurrent miscarriage linked to chromosomal abnormalities

When a couple loses a pregnancy, and especially when the same couple loses multiple pregnancies, doctors are often at a loss to explain why. For about 40 to 60 percent of couples with recurrent miscarriage (RM), the condition remains unexplained, even after costly testing. Chromosomal abnormalities — rearrangements of large chunks of DNA — in the genomes of one or both individuals trying to conceive are thought to be one of the major genetic causes of RM.

Routine chromosome analysis can currently detect these abnormalities in about 1 in 50 couples. A new study by investigators from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Shandong University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong uses a special genetic sequencing technique known as low-pass genome sequencing (GS) to look for chromosomal abnormalities in couples with RM. Low-pass GS revealed additional chromosomal abnormalities in more couples than traditional testing, increasing detection to 1 in 9 couples.

The team’s findings were published in The American Journal of Human Genetics.

“RM carries an underappreciated psychological and financial burden for affected couples. It’s often difficult to know how to treat or counsel couples when the cause of their infertility remains unknown,” said co-author Cynthia Morton, PhD, the director of cytogenetics at the Brigham. “There are couples who have chromosomal rearrangements that can’t be seen by classical methods. The technique we’ve used here increases the number of couples who we can detect who are at risk for having miscarriage.”

A technique known as pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) can help couples with genetic abnormalities conceive through in vitro fertilization. Until now, it’s been unclear which patients with RM would benefit most from genetic testing of their embryos.

“Our results suggest that applying low-pass GS could help identify a larger subgroup of patients at increased risk of subsequent miscarriage who might take advantage of pre-implantation genetic testing,” said Morton.

To learn about our pre-implantation genetic diagnostic services, visit our web site.

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‘Complete faith and trust’ in RSCNJ

A patient of our had this to say about Dr. Alan Martinez and the care she received at RSCNJ:

“I could not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Martinez. He took time to make sure we understood everything every step of the way. He never pressured us or swayed us one way or another. He gave us straight facts and let us do what we felt was most comfortable. I felt Dr. Martinez couldn’t do enough for us. He always made himself available and even took time to call me with my results. I completely have faith and trust in him.”

We thank her, and everyone who takes time to share their experience at RSCNJ, on our web site.

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‘The doctors are all knowledgeable and compassionate’

A patient of ours writes:

“My two children would not be here without the wonderful doctors and staff at RSCNJ. I have been seen by all the doctors in this practice and they are all knowledgeable and compassionate. The staff is excellent—patient, skilled, and kind. I am so grateful for RSCNJ and the part they played in our family’s journey.”

We are grateful for her kind words. You can read more review like this on our web site.

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