Preparing yourself for the holidays

Thanksgiving is this week, and the holiday season is now in full swing. Holidays can be stressful, even in the best of circumstances. Expectations are at a peak. Pressure comes, both from the outside and within, to break out of the normal routine – to celebrate, and to enjoy! But for the person experiencing infertility, holidays can add additional emotional stress to an already complicated situation.

You certainly can’t make the pain of infertility disappear miraculously. But by planning in advance and acknowledging that holidays may be uncomfortable; you can prepare yourself and improve your chances of getting through them.

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, can help you prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Visit their website for resources.

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Stars come out to talk about fertility issues

According to the website, “Kaley Cuoco is praising Jennifer Aniston for sharing her story about her fertility struggles. Cuoco, who is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend Tom Pelphrey, took to Instagram following Aniston’s incredibly candid interview with Allure, where she praised the 53-year-old actress for keeping it real. ‘You never ever know what people are going through behind the scenes..stop assuming and judging every little thing!’ the Flight Attendant actress wrote. ‘@jenniferaniston thank u for sharing this story!!!’”

Sharing stories helps reduce the stigma of fertility issues, and we applaud anyone who feels able to share their struggles to help raise awareness.

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How can a RESOLVE Support Group help?

Many people struggling with infertility feel isolated, and that feeling has been compounded by the pandemic. RESOLVE’s support groups provide a safe space to meet others facing similar struggles with infertility and family building. The pandemic has impacted our support groups with many groups unable to meet in person, leaving huge gaps of support in communities for people who need it most. Together, with First Response, RESOLVE is committed to bringing new support groups to all 50 states.

It’s been noted that emotional support while struggling to build a family can:

  • increase success rates for those in medical treatment
  • keep patients in the treatment process
  • help combat high rates of depression and anxiety among infertile couples (higher rates than fertile couples)
  • help process all the options they have to build a family

Learn more at

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Female physicians report insurance barriers to fertility treatment

An opinion article published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology evaluated cost and access barriers to fertility care among female physicians, with researchers proposing solutions that may help make the process more feasible and inclusive.

“Facing an infertility diagnosis while being a female physician presents a real and relevant struggle for 1 in 4 women. Currently, there is a gross absence of adequate fertility insurance coverage for all female physicians,” the authors wrote.

Over the past two decades, more women have chosen to delay having children. This is especially relevant in female physicians who are delaying childrearing by 7 years more than the general population, one study found. The article associates this statistic with economic burden, or “financial toxicity,” and a lack of insurance coverage.

A benefit of being a patient of Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey is that we accept most health insurance plans. We also offer many financing options and discounts to help make treatments more affordable. Contact our office to discuss these options.

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Fertility podcasts from A to Z

If you want to learn more about just about any aspect of fertility care, our physicians, physician assistant and staff have talked about it in one of our more than 50 podcasts.

These podcasts cover everything from A (acupuncture) to Z (Zika virus). There are podcasts on medical procedures, lifestyle considerations, LGBTQIA+ options, Covid-19—whatever you’re interested in, you can find it in our podcast library.

Why not “check out” a podcast today?

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What is secondary infertility?

Did you know there are two classifications of infertility: primary and secondary?

Primary infertility is when couples are unable to conceive their first baby.

Secondary infertility is the inability to conceive or carry a baby to term after 12 months of unprotected intercourse in a woman who has already had a baby in the past without any fertility treatments.

Secondary infertility occurs at about the same rate as primary infertility. It affects men and women equally, as the cause for a woman’s inability to conceive can be due solely or in part to male factors. Causes for secondary infertility are often the same as they are for primary infertility. Aging, ovulation disorders, low sperm counts and other factors can all play a part.

While secondary infertility can be a surprise to many couples, it can be treated successfully. The earlier patients seek help, the better. Learn more about causes, symptoms and treatments at our website.

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Are you looking for compassionate fertility care with a boutique experience?

At RSCNJ, we strive to meet the special needs of each couple experiencing fertility problems. We make our patients feel like guests in our home, and the entire RSC staff takes part in their emotional journey. We will go to any extent to answer your questions, allay all fears, share with you the joys and disappointments of the infertility process and help identify the best treatment to help you get pregnant and have a baby.

We pride ourselves in offering a unique fertility experience, one that our patients appreciate and trust. Our treatments and techniques are the most advanced. And the depth of our staff’s experience ensures the customized care that brings the best results. Our financing options help make care as affordable as possible. And we provide convenience through services like telehealth.

If you are looking for a fertility center, please look at us. We think you will like what you see.

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Video: What REALLY happens in an embryology lab?

RESOLVE: The National Fertility Association’s latest Kitchen Table conversation asks,

“What really happens in an embryology lab? How have protocols and technology changed in how we track, store and care for frozen eggs and embryos? What do you see on the horizon as the future in embryology?”

In the video, two panelists share their knowledge and experience behind the scenes of an embryology lab, the challenges embryologists face and more. You can watch this Kitchen Table conversation here.

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She’s grateful for ‘an amazing doctor with an amazing team’

Our patient Crystal says:

“Dr. Z is more than amazing. His staff is also so, so, so patient. Being 24 with infertility hiccups is hard enough. So, a lot of the time I call … a lot … and I can truthfully say that no matter how many times I call, they are so understanding! They don’t get mad or annoyed. Also, when they say they will call you back, THEY ACTUALLY CALL YOU BACK!!! They care so much and I am so grateful to have such an amazing doctor with an amazing team. It makes things so much easier.”

Read more kind reviews like Crystal’s at our website.

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It’s Movember: Grow a mustache, support men’s health

The story goes that, in 2003, two friends from Melbourne, Australia were having a beer and talking about fashion trends. The moustache, they thought, had disappeared, and they joked about bringing it back. A friend’s mother was fundraising for breast cancer, so they decided to grow mustaches to support men’s health and prostate cancer. They created some rules, called it Movember and charged 30 friends $10 Australian to grow a Mo.

Since then, Movember has gone global, and has raised millions of dollars for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues. And because men’s health is directly connected with fertility, we promote Movember and encourage everyone to grow a mustache (or support someone who can!) and raise awareness and funds to improve men’s health throughout November.

Learn more about Movember at this website. 

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